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Siem Reap Tourist Recommendation

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a province of Cambodia. It is well known because of ancient temples of Angkor especially Angkor Wat.
Its Town stretches about 2 km north-south along the Siem Reap River and roughly 3-4 km east/west along National Road 6. The airport sits 6 km from town. The main temple complex lies about 5-10 km north of town. All of the hotels are in or near town, and are spread relatively evenly across the town, though there are still concentrations in certain parts of town:

Siem Reap Hotel Map

  • There are a variety of hotels, shops and restaurants near the Old Market
  • Several large upscale hotels between the airport and town along Str. #6;
  • Two budget oriented areas: one along ‘Wat Bo Road and the other in the Taphul Village area;
  • A variety of mid-range hotels and restaurants along Sivatha; the Phsar Leu area 2 km east of town center.
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Angkor Thom

Angkor Thom is a 3 km2 walled and moated royal city and was the last capital of the Angkor empire. After Jayavarman VII recaptured the Angkorian capital from the Cham invaders in 1181, he began a massive building campaign across the empire, constructing Angkor Thom as his new capital city. He began with existing structures such as Baphuon and Phimeanakas and built a grand enclosed city around them, adding the outer wall/moat and some of Angkor’s greatest temples including his state-temple, Bayon, set at the center of the city. There are five entrances (gates) to the city, one for each cardinal point, and the victory gate leading to the Royal Palace area. Each gate is crowned with 4 giant faces. The South Gate is often the first stop on a tour.

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Cambodian Russian Market

Russian Market

In 1980 many employees of the Soviet embassy made purchases here, that’s why the market is called the Russian market. This market “is more famous among tourists in the capital Phnom Penh of Cambodia, but is known as” Psa Tuol Tom Poung “among locals and drivers.

A large selection of souvenirs is offered here, more than in the Central market.

Here you can find:

  • Fabrics for business and simple clothes
  • In the southeast side of the market, many VCDs, DVDs and CDs of all traditional markets
  • In the center of the market there are food and drinks for hygienic adventure visitors
  • Many visitors go to the same common place – to the south, but other parts of the Russian market are worth seeing.